• wake between 5-7 am (depends on menu item and amount of help)
• prep and serve for 8 am
• clean-up, wash, put away 9-9:30 am
• prep begins after breakfast clean-up 10 am
• prep, cook, and serve for 12 pm
• clean-up, wash, put away 1-2 pm
• prep begins after lunch clean-up 3 pm
• prep, cook, and serve for 5:30 pm
• clean-up, wash, put away 6:30-8 pm
• prep and set for 10:30 pm

Setup and clean up may be done by Genesis members or section assignments during camps and tour.

If there is enough on-site help (non-members), separate crews may handle different meals.

8-9:30 pm and after snack clean-up is 'Personal Time'. Personal time is time to do what you want. You could shower*, nap, watch a rehearsal, read, go sight-seeing, run to the store, etc. The amount of personal time we get is dependent on snack prep and clean-up needed and the amount of on-site help available.

*staff and volunteer shower times are different than Genesis member times

If you've chosen to join us for the "Volunteer Experience" of a Genesis camp or season tour, we thank you! The general calendar is available as a tool also for upcoming events and dates. The following items are suggestions on what to bring with you when you choose to stay on-site through out a camp weekend. For weekend camps it is not mandatory to sleep on-site but if you signed up to be an 'on-site volunteer' for a weekend, you must report to your assigned duty station on time and remain on-site until dismissed by coordinator. Transportation is not provided.

Download a Sponsor Letter here.

​​What we do

On any given day  we do some or all of the following and more:
• Sleep on site as a "Volunteer Crew"
• Serve 3 meals a day
• Help prepare, cook, serve and clean up after meals
• Grocery runs
• Assist in first aid
• Mend uniforms
• Give hugs

• Encourage and support members and staff!

On-Site Help

​If you can come out and volunteer for one meal, one day, one weekend, one week, or even come on tour for part or all of it, please do! I promise, it will be an exciting experience for you AND your child. They'll see that you too are part of the Genesis family!

Off-Site Help

​If you aren't able to help on site, there are other opportunities. Fruits, vegetables, and/or homemade snacks (baked goods, cookies, snacks, etc) are always welcome! Commodity items are welcome too: chips, tortillas, bread, peanut butter and jelly (a tour staple), cereal, granola bars, etc. (commodity items are anything with a shelf life)

​Third Party Help

If you know any individuals, organizations, businesses or other contacts willing to donate bulk items like #10 canned foods, commodity items as mentioned above, cleaning supplies, Styrofoam plates, bowls or cups, disposable eating utensils and paper products, trash bags or such, please ask them to. You may also give Genesis their contact info and we'll speak to them. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Genesis! Being a volunteer with us has its own rewards that you can only experience by becoming part of it. As a volunteer, you can see for yourself just what it takes to feed these wonderful kids and witness the passion they have as they work hard to be the best corps they can be. Thanks for your generosity!

Volunteer Director is Michelle McCaig: vvolunteering@genesisdbc.org

•Personal hygiene items, toiletries
•Loofah or washcloth
•Shower shoes or sandals

•Charging device for phones/ electronics
•Change of clothes for 'x' days
•Personal water jug or bottle
​•Comfortable shoes
•Air mattress
•Blankets and pillows
•Pajamas or appropriate sleeping attire

​•Ear plugs/ sleeping mask
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