2020 Finances for Immediate Contracts

Payment Plan Option:

- FENIXperience camp - $50 ($100 off)  enter discount code FENIXFAM on your application

- 2020 Tuition - $3550 ($200 vet discount + $100 off)

- Equipment Fee - $300 

8 month Payment Plan option for Immediate Contracts: (normal contracts only allow 6 month option)

Oct. $480

Nov. $480

Dec. $480

Jan. $480

Feb. $480

Mar. $480

Apr. $480

May  $480

October 1st early bird option:  Pay in FULL by OCTOBER 1st to receive

- FENIXperience Camp - $50 - ($100 off)

- 2020 Tuition - $3350 ($200 vet discount + $200 early bird discount)

- Equipement Fee - $300

Genesis Vet Page

Congratulations 2019...you are all now officially Vets!  We want to thank all of you for your hard work, dedication and passion in making 2019 the best Genesis in history!  We wanted to take a bit of time and create a page just for you.  For news and updates from the 2019 crew and to give you updates on what is available to you in 2020 as a veteran of our program.  

First up, 2020 auditions!  In addition to the standard $200 discount on tuition, this year we are offering another major discount to you as a veteran.  All vets will be discounted $100off of their audition camp weekend fee.  We are also giving vets a choice this year, you can choose either the Thanksgiving day weekend Nov 29-Dec 1 or Dec. 13-15.  

Instead of going through the normal process we are changing things up a bit.  We are asking that you sign up and pay for one of the two options by October 1st.  Simply fill out the application below and enter discount code FENIXFAM to get your $100 off of FENIXperience 2020!  By doing so you will show us that you are at least committed to attending one fo the events and this will allow us to add you to a special page we are creating this year exclusively for veterans returning in 2020.  We want to start video tutorials, basic assignments, learning new materials and getting stronger BEFORE November, and that all starts with you.  Once you are signed up you will be getting the most up to date info on the 2020 season and will be getting stronger with your friends long before the rookies get started.  

While you take time to decide what you want to do, please become a member fo the 2020 audition interest page, so you can help all the new faces that will be auditioning for us this fall and stay alerted to dates and other info. Click HERE

We are ready to start the next season...are you?  

You can earn up to $500 just for coming back


and signing up early!!!  

Immediate Contracts

We are offering an opportunity that we have never offered another class before you.  IF YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU ARE COMING BACK FOR 2020 THEN YOU CAN SIGN YOUR CONTRACT NOW AND GET A JUMP START ON PAYING TUITION AND FEES and another DISCOUNT! 

If you are interested in immediate contracts then please email us at admin@genesisdbc.org and we will get you started on the process.  Imagine getting your contract out of the way, starting on 2020 asap and getting more time to pay your tuition and fees?  We will set you up on a different monthly payment plan so your payments can be smaller.  In addition to your already discounted audition camp fee and veteran discount we are offering another $100discount to anyone who wants to take advantage of an immediate contract.  That is a total of $400 off for 2020!!!  

We are also offering another discount for early bird full payments!  For anyone who pays full tuition by October 1st, they will receive an additional $100 off of tuition!  You can earn up to $500 just for coming back and signing up early!!!  

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