We would like to thank all the great supporters who have donated to GDBC this year. Your contributions have had a major impact on all of our programs. However, we still need your help.

Did you know that kids who participate in performing arts have higher grades in school than kids that don't? Those same kids have fewer problems with drugs and alcohol and go on to college and successful careers. The 200+ Alums of our program can attest to this fact with few exceptions. Participating in a drum corps or any other performing art builds character in kids and changes their lives in meaningful ways.

Staging a high-quality performing arts program is not cheap. Funding a non-profit youth organization and a world class level drum and bugle corps is a very expensive enterprise. The cost of energy, fuel, gas and electricity will have a major financial impact on Genesis, especially this summer with 65 travel days and 4 meals per day for our 180 traveling group. Food and transportation costs continue to spiral higher. As our expenses go up our main sources of revenues continue to struggle because of political and economic pressures.

More than ever, we value your investment into these members. No contribution is too small, and each contribution sends a message to potential foundation and corporate donors: People believe in what we do for youth. Our community supports us.

You can give in many ways:

•You can give to Genesis at one of our many donor levels

•You can designate your gift to a certain area of interest

•You can donate to an individual participant to help them share in the corps through our scholarship program

•You can even sponsor an individual instrument and give back to the sections that you participated in when you were a performer.

One of the challenges that our organization faces is the perception that the revenue stream for Genesis is constant and abundant. The reality is quite the opposite, and the entire organization is reviewing program activities looking for ways to conserve our expenses while still delivering a quality experience to our young members.

Why should you want to help us? If you are as passionate about drum corps, winter programs, and the performing arts as we are, you realize that planning for the future is critical. With your help, we will preserve the unique opportunities for young people provided by the pageantry arts.

Please take a moment to invest in these kids today. If you have any questions, please call Chris Magonigal at (512) 538-4023. Play a part in Genesis by sending your membership contribution today. You can donate online, or send us a check.

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