Chris Magonigal

Executive Director and Founder
Creative Director​

Christopher Magonigal originally hails from Killeen, TX and is a 1992 graduate of Ellison High School. After completing his 2 year course work at Blinn College in Brenham, TX, Chris attended Texas Tech University where he studied music as a passion and marketing as a major. After completing his BA in Marketing in 2000, Chris went to work for the newly formed Cingular Wireless. Through this adventure, Chris worked hard to establish relationships in the music business with artists, future educators, and band managers and became an avid arts photographer. He founded his first business, Magonigal Photography, in 2001.

Balancing his passions with his profession in Marketing, Chris always felt that his "job" was simply the means to make his passions come to life. "You have to work in order to get what you want out of life." Chris served as the Director of Operations for AT&T Wireless in West Texas from 2002-2006, Marketing Director for Sony Mobile Austin from 2006-2008, and then moved on to Jupiter Band Instruments in 2008 and served as the Product Marketing Developer. During his early professional career, Chris spent time volunteering with as many drum corps organizations as he could: working on food trucks, assisting with instruction, building marketing plans, managing tour...anything he could to learn what it took to make a successful Drum Corps and give back to the activity.

Chris' drum corps journey started right in his own back yard with the Sky Ryders from Desoto, TX.  The corps was having camp in his hometown and he was instantly hooked. He jumped in to fill a Baritone hole and marched 2 seasons with the SkyRyders before they folded in 1994. Having marched with a corps from Texas, he wanted nothing more than to start a new program one day that would highlight the talent, dedication, and community pride that exists here in the Great State. In 2009, after having built a comfortable life, he felt the time had come to follow his real passion. Chris created the 5 year plan, put together a small group of talented individuals to assist him and then took the plunge. He sold most of his possessions, closed out his savings account, and took a severance package from Jupiter to use as seed money to bring Genesis to life. He then moved to Edinburg, TX and there founded Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps and has dedicated his life to building opportunities for young students to learn and benefit from the Marching Arts activity.

Magonigal is a member of the Texas Music Educators Association, Austin Business Alliance, Texas Bandmasters Association, and previously sat on the Open Class Advisory Committee for DCI, being named 2013 Director of the Year by his peers in the activity. Chris is an active judge and clinician for band programs and still holds roots to his photography, spearheading the full marketing image of the Genesis program.

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