Welcome to our FAQ page! Please keep in mind this to help answer commonly asked questions - if you don't see an answer to your question here, send us a message on Facebook!

When is the Genesis Tour?
The Genesis tour is approximately 2 1/2 months long (including spring training). Move-ins begin around June 1st and will continue through approx. mid-August.

What do my fees go to?
Your fees pay for all items necessary  for your membership including instruments, housing, meals, transportation, insurance, uniforms and costumes and general operational costs.

How many audition camps do I need to attend?
You only need to attend one (1) of the three (3) audition events. If you are a brass or percussion member and are called back, you will be expected to attend every camp starting with the Dec. camp. Guard members are required to attend one (1) audition event and the December Call Back Camp, if invited. The caption head will determine which of the next camps you will need to attend if you are called back.

Where can I find the audition music?
Only paid registrants will receive the audition music via email.  If you wish to receive the Technique Packet and not register for an event please click here If you have paid and have not received your music after a weeks time, please email

What do I need to bring for camps?
A more accurate list will be sent to paid registrants, but here is a basic list for camps:
•  Sleeping gear such as sleeping bag, pillow, twin size air mat, etc.  
•  A horn or battery drum
(for the FENIXperience  camp, audition events and call back camp, once the lines are set the corps will provide the horns and drums) 
•  Music and Audition Materials 
•  A Binder with plastic sheets for music and exercises 
•  Pencils 
•  1 gallon water cooler 
•  towel (to lay horn on) 
•  Sun Screen / DCT 
•  Baseball cap 
•  Gloves (guard and brass) 
•  Tennis Shoes     
•  Loose Athletic clothing
•  Shower supplies 

I will be in school for the first week of spring training; will this affect my audition?
No, we have many members who attend school. We will work with each member and their school on a case-by-case issue. Many times schools will allow members to take final exams early. If we are not able to work something out, we request that you join up with Genesis immediately after you get out.

Is there any financial aid or tuition support for members?
Once you become a member, we have a scholarship application process. Approximately 10 members are selected each year and will receive a $125 scholarship to be applied towards their tuition and fees. We also have a membership assistance program in which members approach businesses, family members, Genesis Alumni and friends to help sponsor them for the summer. This is purely up to the member as to how much they are able to raise towards their fees.
More information and brochures will be given at later camps to contracted members.

Brass Audition FAQ's:
It is important to point out that the “playing audition” is not a deal breaker in the process in becoming a member of the Genesis brass section.  There is also a visual component.  Most important is the opportunity for the staff to interact with the auditionee, see how well information is taken and applied and to evaluate the “intangibles” that are required to be successful during a season of drum corps.

What should I play for the playing portion of the audition?
You should pick something that best represents how you play, put another way, whatever is going to highlight your strengths as a player. It could be any style, it doesn't really matter. The playing audition, while important, is not going to be THE deciding factor in the process. We are looking for people who can apply information quickly, can move AND play, and are willing to fight for a spot.

Should I bring a horn to the audition camps?
YES. If possible bring a horn. The corps does not own enough horns for everyone who comes to camps.

I am a mellophone auditionee, but I do not have access to an F mellophone. Is this a problem?
No. Not for the initial audition. Also, you may perform your playing audition on a concert French Horn.

I am a non-brass player, can I do my playing audition on a non-brass instrument?
Yes, but we will need to hear you on a brass instrument.

I am a baritone player, but I do not read bass clef. Is that a problem?
No. We will have treble clef parts. But it is highly advisable to learn bass clef.

What should I expect at an audition camp?
Simply put, expect to work hard. We will learn some tunes, we will spend time in sectionals, and you will march. You will get a taste of what drum corps is all about. Wear comfortable clothes and good shoes. Drink a lot of water.

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