Genesis DBC is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization recognized as such by the US and State of Texas.  All proceeds received through our fundraising efforts are used for the sole purpose of providing a better environment and opportunity for the students that our program serves through the drum corps activity.​​


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10th Anniversary KICKOFF Campaign!

     Over the past 9 years Genesis has served 1000's of students, educators, volunteers and parents.  Our 10th Anniversary Season will see Genesis touring the West Coast, connecting with our alumni and supporters through a series of planned events, as well as hosting clinic and educational opportunities within our community.  2019 will certainly be our biggest and most ambitious season in our history!  

     Genesis is committed to engaging at a level never before seen from our organization and we need your help.  Our board and alumni are seeking to raise $10,000 through May 15th to kickoff our winter season and provide our students with the best experience possible.  Please consider giving at any level to help us achieve our goal.  Your donations will be used to improve our educational resources, support our host sites by providing free opportunities to their students and improving our organizational infrastructure throughout the winter months. 

     We thank you for your continued support to the growth of the Genesis program!

Chris Magonigal

CEO and Founder

Genesis DBC Inc. 

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It costs Genesis on average $300 to prepare each meal for our team.  That is 3 meals and snack each day!  By sponsoring a meal, using the paypal button below, while the team is on tour we use this money to prepare hearty and healthy meals but may also utilize the funds to provide a special menu or a large quantity of fresh items that we can't always get on a budget.  Please consider this donation program to add to the quality of live for our members and staff.  

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New for 2015 is the Genesis DBC Amazon Smile account. Simply by clicking on the Amazon link, here or on the home page, and making your regular Amazon purchase, Genesis will receive a donation. You don't have to buy anything in particular, just use the Amazon Smile link to get to Amazon and you'll be helping Genesis raise money with anything you purchase. Spread the word!


If you would like to make a donation on behalf of a specific member, please use this button.  **PLEASE INDICATE THE STUDENT MEMBER THIS IS INTENDED FOR IN THE NOTES SECTION**

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