The 2018 Genesis program is a study of reality- both the way we experience our current   reality and what might happen when we tear through the barriers between them. A common theme in fiction both written and filmed, alternate realities, higher dimensions, timelines, dreamscapes, histories, wormholes and multiverses offer the chance to wonder what is out there that we don’t already know.

Scene I: Mid-Century Mood

We find ourselves in a shared reality to the sounds of Moody Blues’ “The Day Begins.” Classic voicings, visuals and effect represent our reality that we know and expect. We’re comfortable here.

Scene II: Alternate Realities

There is a storm on the horizon. It feels like our world is about to shift. Here, we are met with the emotional twists and turns of Peter Gabriel’s orchestrated version of “Rhythm of the Heat.” The mood darkens, harmonies twist and hollow voicings are introduced to represent unease as we near change.

Scene III: Exit Light, Enter Night

A new path opens and we transition to somewhere new. Nothing is quite what we expect. Mr. Bungle drives us into this reality with “Retrovertigo.”

As we complete the transition to this new world and our heads clear, a strange energy is evident. Soundscapes change, bodies move differently, and perceptions are altered. This new reality is part madness, part dark alternate reality. John Zorn’s avant garde jazz composition of “Inside Straight” combines with the dark energy and soundscape madness of Mr. Bungle’s “None of Them Knew They Were Robots.” The classic throwdown at the end of the jazz section takes the madness to its peak- completely shifting and altering this reality for a final dive into the dark. Sound effects and ideas from reverse film effects guide us to the core of this new (and sometimes terrifying) dimension. This reality is punctuated with Metallica’s anthem, “Enter Sandman.”

Scene IV: There’s No Place Like Hope

We return back to our own reality using Jonathan Elias’ “The Prayer Cycle, Movement III: Hope.” We express the joy of return, mourn the loss of our brush with alternate reality, feel relieved to be home and the unease of irreversible change. Maybe everything will be okay now that we’re home. Maybe everything will be normal.

Scene V: Whatever Will Be, Will Be

Ultimately, every experience changes us. We learn from the worlds of 1950’s film that a journey to an alternate reality always has consequences. There are always effects on our home reality. Seemingly innocent exploration is met with unexpected results. Prime examples are “Planet of the Apes” and “Stranger Things.” The changes in our home reality come in both subtle and drastic ways. Pink Martini welcomes us to our strange new (yet familiar) new world with “Que Sera Sera.”


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