South Texas/Valley Audition/ClinicBrass, Percussion, ColorguardPSJA H.S. - Alamo TXNov. 12
North Texas Audition/ClinicBrass & Percussion Only

Melissa HS

3150 Cardinal Dr. Melissa TX 75454

Nov. 19
FENIXperience Camp & AuditionsALL

Bastrop H.S.
​1614 Chambers St, Bastrop, TX 78602

Dec. 16-18
January FINAL AUDITION and Call Back CampBrass, Percussion, Drum MajorBastrop H.S.Jan. 20-22
February FINAL Callback/Rehearsal CampBrass & PercussionBastrop H.S.
Feb. 17-19
March Rehearsal CampBrass & PercussionBastrop H.S.

Mar 17-19

April Rehearsal/Guard Audition CampALLBastrop High SchoolApr 28-30
May Rehearsal CampTBDTBDTBD
Spring Training/Move InsALLTBDTBD

There are several options for auditioning for Genesis:  Fees are one time only and not per camp. 

DISTANCE and HOLIDAYS are not acceptable for absence at an audition camp.

General Guidelines
Each individual who wishes to attend one of our events is required to fill out the application form and pay the appropriate fees.  Once registered and paid out, you will receive an email packet containing your audition materials and information. Each prospective member (veterans included) is required to attend one of the audition camps in person before a contract will be offered (the FENIXperience camp is preferred). From there, each individual will be rated according to his or her abilities. Students will be called back to the 2nd round camp in December or January for further evaluation or be given a contract.  

If called back, the prospective member is then required to attend the December or January Call Back camp. If a prospective member is offered a contract, s/he will be required to attend every camp until Spring Training including the December Call Back camp.

Students interested in Drum Major positions: The process will be the same except you will be asked to do an interview and prepare a conducting audition.  You will be observed throughout the weekend as you are put in various scenarios.

April Colorguard Auditions

​$150 for new auditions.  This camp is both a final audition camp and callback camp for the Colorguard.  Once you haveapplied and paid for your audition you will be sent an email with instructions and info for camp.  The weekend includes all housing and meals and will be a series of rehearsals and auditions.

$150 for new auditions.  This camp is both a final audition camp and callback camp for the colorguard.  Once you have applied and paid for your audition you will be sent an email with instructions and info for camp.  The weekend includes all housing and meals and will be a series of rehearsals and auditions.

Satellite Auditions **COMPLETED FOR THE 2017 SEASON**

$75 - There will be three satellite auditions for 2017 - Dallas Area, West Texas Area and RGV Area.  These are one day audition/clinic events and locations and dates will be determined by October 15th.  Cost for these satellite auditions is $75.  If you receive a call back to our annual FENIXperience camp then your $75 will be applied to the annual experience camp fee of $150.  If possible, we encourage everyone to attend the FENIXperience camp.

Annual FENIXperience Camp   **COMPLETED FOR THE 2017 SEASON**

$150 - Held in the Austin Area, our annual FENIXperience camp is quickly becoming one of the marquee drum corps experiences in Texas!  This camp will give you the full drum corps experience and is designed for both the serious auditioning student as well as those students who are looking to experience what the drum corps activity is all about. If you audition at one of our satellite sites and receive a call back, then this will be your call back camp! This is a weekend of clinics, drum corps performances, and social interaction that you won't want to miss!

Video Auditions  **COMPLETED FOR THE 2017 SEASON**

$150 FOR SCHOOL CONFLICT CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY. These are intended only for those students who have extraordinary circumstances that prevent them from attending either the November audition days, the FENIXperience camp or the Jan. camp.  Video auditions will only be granted by request and you will need to contact the below captions.  (Video auditions will not be granted a contract until they have attended a camp.)

Please email your request to the following individuals:

Brass:  Art Cano -
Percussion:  Brannon Baker -
Guard: Kat Gilley -

*fees are non refundable

Please note that all fees go directly to the operations of the Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps and account for less than 50% of our total yearly expenses.

Financial obligations for members of the 2017 Genesis Drum Corps are as follows:

Audition/FENIXperience Camp Fee - 1 time fee$150.00
Winter Camp fee  - covers meals & housing at each camp (Jan, Feb, Mar, April)$200.00
Tuition fee - payable over 6 months & covers the entire summer tour$2,500.00

Equipment Fee - covers additions, cleaning, fitting & maintenance of uniform and performance equipment


Spring Training Fee - Helps cover the additional expenses with our spring training facility and necessary caloric intake $200.00

Genesis Veteran Discount - $200   $100 additional for each year of participation after.  

Sponsorship and fundraising opportunities are available once a student is contracted. â€‹We have a membership assistance program in which members utilize Genesis printed materials to approach businesses, family members, and friends to help sponsor them for the summer. More information will be given at later camps. All fees are non-refundable once a contract has been offered. Partial refunds are available to anyone who needs to terminate their contract due to injury after May 23, 2016. A note from a doctor is required.

All fees must be paid in full by May 30th of the touring year.  If the payments are not paid according to the option chosen and the full fees are not paid by May 30th, your membership in Genesis may be revoked and your spot will be open and the individual will be subject to collection steps. Payments can be made via check, cash, or credit card through our website.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps. Genesis has created a rich tradition of precision and excellence in the world of drum and bugle corps. Every year Genesis welcomes more and more talented young adults to its "FENIXperience" camp and auditions. They are taught by some of the finest, award-winning musicians, artists, and staff in the industry. Are you ready to challenge your mind, your body, and your skill? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and take the field with one of the fastest rising corps in the history of drum corps? Do you have what it takes to be a FENIX?

If you answered yes, then welcome to the first step in becoming a FENIX!

Read below and fill out an application!

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