ATX Winterguard
6412 Panadero Cove
Austin, TX 78747




Mission Statement: ATX Winterguard  serves to empower traditionally underserved youth, adolescents and young adults to expand their capabilities, and to cultivate self-reliance, camaraderie, and sportsmanship through competitive artistic performance.

Vision Statement: 
The power of performing arts to enrich human experience and society is recognized, celebrated, and respected.

Genesis and ATX Team Up in Austin! Genesis is excited to welcome the newest ensemble to our family - ATX Winterguard.

ATX Winterguard was founded in the spring of 2008 and has represented the Marching and Pageantry Arts in Austin on the TCGC and WGI Circuits of competitions since 2009. Since that time ATX has grown in to three performing and competitive ensembles, ATX OPEN, ATX A and ATX Cadets. With a fantastic staff and a shared vision for growth, Genesis and ATX will share in a partnership to strengthen the Marching Activity and Pageantry Arts in Central Texas for years to come!

“What Michael and his team at ATX have built is really fantastic.”, Genesis E.D. Chris Magonigal. “After meeting with him, having worked with many of his staff and from what I have seen on the local and national circuit, I believe our programs share a similar vision and are dedicated to the experience we can offer to students. I am so please to be combining resources and efforts to strengthen that experience here in Central Texas. We are all really looking forward to seeing just how much we can grow together through this venture!”

You can learn more about ATX Winterguard
at the their website:

Core Values: Building a professional community by contributing our time and talents to others. Valuing our diversity and committing ourselves to constantly evolving toward a more positive experience in the pageantry arts through inclusiveness and assistance.

History: ATX Winterguard was founded in spring 2008. ATX first competed in 2009, making finals at WGI Austin, and winning a bronze medal in TCGC in Independent A Class. A-2, and ATX Cadets, first took the floor in 2011.




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