Alumni Spotlight
 Pranav Chary-  
Euphonium 2011, 2013, 2014

Pranav aged out with Genesis in 2014 and stays connected to the program through volunteering and mentoring.  A junior Electrial Engeneering Major at the University of North Texas, Pranav is active in both teaching and volunteering with schools in the Dallas area.

  "Before my first season with Genesis, I always had an admiration for those brave enough to participate in drum corps. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever be one to participate in something like this. However, when I heard about Genesis' audition camp for the 2011 season from a couple of friends, I decided to go and see what the craze was all about.
I was hooked instantly.
There was just something about the rush I felt from pushing myself further than I though possible and the warmth from staff and fellow auditionees. I felt that this might be something that I was genuinely interested in. I'm so thankful that I was able to march that summer, because it changed my entire perspective on how I lived my life. From then on, I never felt that any obstacle couldn't be tackled or that I couldn't push through something difficult to reap the benefits at the end, which was especially helpful for the two more seasons that I marched here. Along the way, I have built a number of relationships with so many people from all over the country and I'm proud to call anyone affiliated with the program my family."

 Pranav Chary

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The 2015 Staff...many familiar faces!

Coming off the most successful production to date, "The Art of Darkness", Genesis is excited to announce that the majority of the creative team and educational team will be back to take on the challenge of "Phantom of the Opera"!

Creative Coordinator Chris Magonigal, Brass Designer Ed Gobbel, Visual Designer Josh Gall and Percussion Designers Jake Gall and Bobby Scott all return for the 2015 season and look forward to supplying the members of Genesis with an unforgettable performance experience.

As the first of several Educational Team Announcements, Ed Gobbel returns as the Brass Caption Supervisor and Director of Education while Josh Gall will step up to the role of Visual Caption Supervisor.  Joining Josh will be Luke Gall, in the role of Visual Caption Head, a newcomer to the Genesis team.  Last seasons Percussion Designer, Jake Gall, will be the new face of the Genesis Percussion Program serving as Percussion Caption Supervisor 2015.  Rounding out this exciting team is Brian Dutton, another fresh face to the Genesis family, as the Colorguard Caption Supervisor.

"I can not be more pleased with the staffing we have in place so far.  The combination of these educators is going to be dynamic!", says E.D. Chris Magonigal.  "We set out early this season to put the right 
pieces in place to continue our commitment to the education our performers receive.  As our program grows the caliber of our educational and creatives staffs has grown."

To see complete bio's on our current staff please click here and stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.  

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